Rose Met Lotus

This story is about how perception dominates our thinking. It is about a rose and a lotus – both extremely famous and well established in their own family but they fail to recognize the strength of each other simply because they cannot “see” the other person.

“Rosie” has began to grow. Finally she opened her little, red rose buds and smiled to the world. She was everything Mother Earth could want.  Pure, innocent and trusting. She laughed when tiny dew drops caressed her cheeks. She filled the garden with her fragrance when the sun embellished her body. She wanted to feel loved by everyone and everything around her. She was the pure symbol of love and giving.

Fiona was thrilled. Rosie was perfect and she could not wait to take selfies with her. Fiona was 18 years old and she loved her mother’s garden. Her garden was filled with all kinds of flowers that can grow on the soil. Rose, sunflower, orchids – you name it and it was there. Fiona was particularly very fond of the roses. Every time a new rose blossomed her picture was there on facebook smiling and showing to all her new fascination. Fiona also helped her mother with mending the garden. It was a pretty 12 acre garden filled with only flowers.

Fiona and Rosey were happy – happy to be where they were and happy in their own worlds. On a land far far away, another child was happy. Her heart was filled with the same kind of excitement but her eyes saw a different flower. Munni was a five year old child of a fisherman. She lived in the backwaters of Kerala. She saw a different flower. She saw a lotus.

Always a dreamer….

Since I was little, I always seemed lost! People made fun of me for thinking so much. Eventually I have realized that dreaming and visualizing is what makes me the person who I am!

So cheers to aimless thinking and kudos to visions and beautiful thoughts which are generated out of that 💁🏻

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And the sun rose again, to a new day with new hopes. It gave me a chance to redo what I did yesterday. The sun is new, the air is new, the breeze smells fresh …. Why does my thoughts go around what I need to finish today. I start the day by finishing my morning chores, figuring out what I would wear in office.

The first person I see in the elevator is just like me. He remembers what he needs to do the day before and keeps moving on his perceptions of the day.

What if everyday was different ? What if after certain age, every day you live was a new day. What if there was no continuity in days ?